The story of the actual production of the car that never was.

JePe Specials started of as a company that just loved to restore cars. In 2009, when he wasn't part of the company yet, Eric Fintelman came across a picture of the actual 1998 Jaguar XK180. A UK based phone number underneath the article led him to the South of England where he purchased a GRP body and a Jaguar XJS. After a lot of effort, blood, sweat and tears the first XK180 replica was finished. It came about after consulting many companies, for Eric wasn't handy at all and did not know anything about cars. He just loved cars in general and the looks of the XK180 in particular. Luckily he is still our salesman and doesn't have anything to do with building our cars. Eric met Paul and Stephan. They were also very much into cars and had there own little restoration business, called JePe Specials. Late in the evenings they did excellent jobs on classic cars, besides there normal day jobs. When the opportunity came in 2013 to build another XK180 replica, the three decided to join up and make a better job out of it. That was also when they decided to only build in aluminium. Now they needed data and a proper business. The three mates created a business model and arranged to take detailed pictures of both original cars, as well as all the necessary measurements. They had a 3D scan made of a model car; had it enhanced and taken all measurements in with special software. A wooden mould was made by English company 3D Engineers and taken back to the Netherlands. In about two years they created a lovely reproduction of the XK180. All based on actual data.
JePe Specials is now in contact with some of the people that worked on the original two Jaguars to make sure that the quality of build will be to the highest standard possible.
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The much wanted XK180

The original XK180 sadly came to an end after only two concept cars. JePe Specials however makes it possible to create your perfect XK180 reproduction. Every car will be built based upon your wishes and therefore will be uniquely built by hand, for you!


As a donor car for building this reproduction JePe Specials will use either an XK8 or an XKR. Both are perfectly suitable for building the XK180 for you. The donor car will be taken apart completely, the engine will be renewed, the interior will all be crafted by hand and the chassis improved to increase performance under the higher specs.




Upgraded shock absorbers, springs and a specially made stainless steel exhaust will all add to the incredible sensation of driving this car. The body will be hand built from aluminium ensuring the quality of the XK180. The car will be built to your requirements. Please let us know the colours and materials you desire and we will build your unique car!



The build of your car will take approximately a year and it is possible to build three cars next to each other in series. A maximum of 25 cars will be build.


Prices on request

Every single car will be built based on the customer's wishes.
For more information, please contact us through the channels at the bottom of the page.